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We hope you'll love this seedy card, but not too much because eventually we'd love it to be torn to pieces... and planted. Full instructions included with the card. 

Each dangler, crafted from a little slice of a tree branch, is hand finished with a unique pyrography image and subtle coloured highlights. The danglers vary in size from about 40mm to 60mm. Designs, though based on a tree, will vary. When you order, please drop us a note if you have any preference for approximate size or highlight colour. 

An alternative to this card is also available, at a small additional cost, which allows for the addition of bespoke text. 

Seeds Of Life

SKU: 1022B

This card is paper-free, made from recycled cotton, and embedded with bee-friendly flower seeds including Sweet Alyssum, Baby's Breath, Poppy and Basil. It comes with instructions on how to grow it. 

It is printed in the UK, hand finished and very special!

The envelope is 100% recycled, made from post-consumer waste.


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