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Whether you like pocket-sized art in the form of a greeting card or larger fine art prints, we hope you will find something that tickles your fancy in our collections. Please take a good look around!

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This is where we share information and anecdotes about the things that interest us at Stable House Studios. Topics will be diverse and perhaps a little disparate - but are likely to include nature, eco things, art, awe and wonder, unicorns, archaeology and positivity. We hope you will enjoy it ~ but please don't forget to have a look at our cards and prints too! 

Tropical Leaves


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Did you know that Friday 24th September was FSC Friday? What better reason could there be to celebrate our wonderful forests and everyone who is working to protect them? 


  • Earth's forests are home to over 80% of all terrestrial animals and plants

  • Temperate forests are found on every continent except Antarctica. Poor penguins!

  • Over 50% of all Earth's forests are in just five countries: Russia, Brazil, Canada, USA and China

Find out more forest facts here!​


FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council. You will have seen their logo on all sorts of wood derivative products. They were established decades ago and their mission is to promote three really important principles of forest management. FSC ensures that forest management is:

  • Environmentally appropriate

  • Socially beneficial 

  • Economically viable

Find out more about FSC here and look out for companies, like ours, which use FSC certified products. 




Back in February, on a cold winter morning, we found a sad looking hedgehog near the studio with one if its legs caught in a rat trap. It was hard to tell which leg because it was just a big, frightened, prickly ball. After seeking invaluable advice from the South Devon Hedgehog Hospital, we whisked the poor little hog off to the vets for a once-over on its way to the hospital. But we were left wondering what might have happened to him - or perhaps it was her? Why was he/she out and about on a cold winter's morning? Would it have been better to release him/her and then leave him/her in peace? So many questions, but we knew the hedgehog was now in the best place. 

That week, we also happened to release a new set of Stable House Studios designs by multi talented artist Annabel Callan, including this adorable hedgehog - or hug-hog!

 In mid April, we were thrilled to receive a phone call from the South Devon Hedgehog Hospital, with an update on Stanley's progress: yes, a boy and now with a name too! Over the ten weeks in their care, Stanley had almost doubled in weight from 700g to 1.2kg. He had arrived at the hospital with a dislocated elbow, lungworm, ringworm and mange - now all fixed. 

Apparently front leg injuries like Stanley's are often fatal so he was a lucky chappy. He would likely have been foraging for food because he was underweight. The vet told us that Lustleigh is not generally a good place to be if you are a hedgehog because there are lots of badgers, so the rat trap may even have saved him from a worse fate. Every cloud has a silver lining.


Stanley will be released into the wild this week, either in Ivybridge or Kingskerswell, both of which, we are told, are lovey places for hedgehogs to live. 

L A T E S T    D E S I G N S


The new Bugs collection

The new Wonderful World collection

Top notch

Our cards and prints are special! All our products are based on original artworks, designs and photographs. We hope that you'll be wowed by the papers we have chosen and fully on board with the eco choices we have made. Our cards and art prints are printed with pride in the UK on papers from fully sustainable sources. We will regularly add new products to the website, so be sure to check back soon to see what's new. 

Service with a smile

Stable House Studios is located on Dartmoor in the South West of England where everyone is welcoming and happy, or so we like to think. We are a friendly organisation, keen to help, and we try hard to provide a first class service. We are thrilled that you've got this far and we'd love to hear from you one way or another. If you have any questions that are not answered on our information pages, please use the contact form, email, ring or write. We are usually open from 9am to 5 pm weekdays; closed at the weekends. We aim to respond to queries within one working day. 

First class and free delivery

All UK orders of £15 and over are shipped free of charge; if you spend less than £15, there will be a postage charge of 95p. We aim to dispatch all orders for cards and unframed art prints within one working day of receiving them and will send them out by First Class post. Please let us know if any order is urgent by phoning or emailing us. For more detail about deliveries, please refer to our deliveries information.


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